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Recommending a WIP (work in progress) is not something I would encourage, and getting emotionally involved in one as a reader is something I would never even wish on my worst enemy. There are however exceptions to the rule, and such is the case with Hella's Off the Record”, a story about Iron Man and Loki from the movie universe of The Avengers.



"Just—tell me about it in the morning," Tony muttered, shifting to hook his leg around theirs and pull them in close. A heavy weight toppled into his arms with an oath of surprise. "Sleep now."

God save him from chatty one night stands. Pushing his face down into the warm crook of their neck, Tony sighed and slid his fingers over the lean curve of his companion’s waist. Breathing deeply, he caught the subtle tang of cologne and the earthy richness of leather. Mmm.

Wait, leather?


"Jarvis, lights."


"Off the Record" is a romance story with tons of humor and a good dose of drama that will undoubtedly catch your interest right from the start. It focuses on the unlikely (and often reticent) partnership of supervillain Loki and superhero Tony Stark (Iron Man) as they develop an attraction and (gasp!) feelings for each other. As one might expect from a trickster god, there are lies, deceit and dangerous situations, all of which are part of a bigger story that should satisfy any comic book enthusiast. The characterization in this fanfic is beyond excellent; Tony, for one, is his usual witty self, and side character Clint Barton (Hawkeye) is…well, Clint is just perfect.

Off the Record" is currently on its eleventh chapter, and was last updated on October 31. It can be read on AO3 and

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    Please read this. this is one of my favorite fanfiction and my god is it perfect! (p.s. it is also now complete)
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    Almost a perfect introduction, but you’ve not noted the thrilling vocabulary, pleasing grammar, and undying wit Hella...
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